Crista not applying debuffs?

I been trying crista out on attack and I’ve noticed her heal debuff and slow are very random. First it doesnt apply to who you hit which I think is kind of odd but I can live with that but not when it is only player left. No slow no heal debuff just the damage? Am I the only one seeing this or is this how it should work due to the up to provision.

Based on the wording, it acts like how I expect it to act. If the heal reduction and slow was supposed to apply to the target selected, it should have said “this enemy and 1 other”.

Instead, it says “up to 2 other enemies”

I agree but if there are no other enemies alive i would expect it to apply.

If there were no enemies alive, it wouldn’t change the fact that the targeted enemy isn’t another “other enemy”.

But there are no other enemies… I guess it will never effect primary target oh well now I know.

Again, it wouldn’t matter if there wasn’t any other enemies. I mean I don’t know what else to say, you can compare the wording of Shiva’s AR for instance with Christa. Shiva confuses 2 enemies, not 2 other enemies, whereas Christa applies the status effects to 2 other enemies, not just 2 enemies.

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