Crimes in the game

Two guys in my region, Oconee, have committed crimes in real life to another player and the support and Scopely does nothing.

First was a guy named Said that got name, adress, family name and told us that he could Get our credit card and buy stuff with our data. He put the adress, name of the family and other personal info in the chat game. What the support did? Nothing. Even with prints.

Now his friend, Venom, sent a Photo of his privates to a girl of our guild. She has 13 years and he has 30-40+. They are at the global chat saying that this is ok, that they did nothing wrong and that Scopely won’t do anything.

Seriously. How hard is to employees Go to the global chat and read? If we Call a police, what we should do? Show the Photos of the game? I know the girl can show the message offgame, bit what about our informations being throw att the global chat?

Now only I do not have Fun with The game but I have to be scared of people robbing me? And they aren’t banned from this game?

tl;dr: People are getting personal information (Family, credit number) and putting on global chat. And today one of then sent a naked picture to a 13 year girl.


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@kalishane can something be done about this?

It’s saddening that there is no action being taken against them. Customer support is just worthless. These are serious crimes so your best bet is having the local authorities track their IP addresses and have them dealt with.


How hard is it to report to police instead lmao wtf


I’m assuming they are using a different app to do this as images are not supported in game. scopely isn’t responsible. You can report those users to the app (line, etc) whom may choose to take action against that account owner.


They can’t report it most are on vacation and the rest havent been responding to the forums

yes but the family address and other details are in game. according to @HenriqueGRR Dude how do you that he/she has been recieveing/sending their private areas to each other? and how do you know their age?

it would be impossible to get your credit details unless you give them your name and abit more detail about you. do you know what they do? or how they choose their target? Because we have had a case like that once in our region. some guy found out where a person lived so the victims faction created a new account as a “16 year old girl” , as we expected he started speaking to her, he said he wanted to meet her in real life and " she " agreed. they met in a park, but it wasnt a girl it was the police and a grown a$S guy. He was sentenced to jail for 12 years. scopley didnt do anything about the global msgs, it was really weird but funny at the same time that a grown guy in his mid 30’s was pretending to be a 12 year old girl

Tried to alert Scopely to a pedophile on the server I was playing on a year ago with screenshots, the 2 girls complaining that he was constantly harassing them in game chat about nudes etc, and Scopelys response was a message saying they take gamer harassment amd safety very seriously… so unfortunately Scopely is ok with pedophiles having free reign on their servers. Disgusting company with even worse business practices and ethics.


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I could admit I killed someone in global chat, and nothing will be done too. That’s because Scopely aren’t real life police -_-

I don’t think y’all realize how admitting crimes are on the internet really is. First off, anyone can use that account. As such, real life police can’t charge anyone based on heresay or unverified claims. Secondly, while the main account owner still is responsible for whatever is posted from their account, much of what was done and posted about the first crime is still a non-crime. If real life fraud did happen(which happens to random people all the time), you take it up with your credit card company or the real life police. Scopely can’t help you with real life issues(starting to see the assumptions here) because they have no jurisdiction based on supposed claims.

Third, since you can’t send pictures through the global chat, anything about the second crime is relegated to the external app. Scopely can’t take action on a player in their game when a crime is committed on a different app, especially when there’s no verifiable proof that the account owners are linked on different apps. Honestly, there’s nothing much the minor can do aside from reporting it to her local PD or get that account suspended via the external app company.

Jurisdiction matters.


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Ok, Let me try to respond some questions:

We have to use a third party way to communicate better (Like Whatsapp) for n reasons. One is because to coordenate our Faction better and another was when they hacked and invaded our Faction chat (They could read and talk there. I Don’t know If was a exploit Just in one update or they could do that everytime).

So with the third party, we have our phone number and our name. And this was pretty much what he had to pick my mother’s name, my adress and my license number (and expose in global chat)

What I’m asking is not to Scopely arrest them, of course. But If a person say my personal informations on global, or say that sending pictures to a Minor is ok, the least that Scopely could do is banning them.

Since Scopely has the conversations of each region, that would be easy to do.

I’m not asking to Scopely Call the cops for a 30 year old man sending naked pictures to a 13 year girl. I’m asking for a ban because the asshole is bragging at the global. And showing our personal informations. Simples as that.

It’s the same thing with racism. Often people Call someone “monkey” or another racial slur. Scopely Will not Track them down and arrest them with The cops. But they could be ban. It’s simple.

Banning them from the game won’t stop them from committing the crimes you mentioned.

Considering rhw game is 18+, all three peraona are violatibg ToS…one for age, two for doxxing/lewdness. PM shane with Screens, bout all I can say.

She wont do anything but delete posts

This is honestly not scopleys problem. Block people you don’t want to hear from. Use an Alias and people won’t be able to hack your information. You had to have distributed your information for the player to access your whatsapp in any case. Use a more discreet chat app rather. clearly a case of negligence from your part and all forementioned issues happened on a separate app.

Unfortunately the sort of things already posted as well as this are apparently absolutely acceptable to scopely.
I have blotted out the players name as to protect his “privacy” since that is the only aspect of this scopely will admit to caring about. I have been in several factions over the past 2 years in virtually every one multiple people have complained about this person, and this is just a sampling of what they say. They also do targeted harassment of individual players. Yet none of this apparently violates any TOS of any kind at least according to scopely.

But @kalishane can rest assured I have respected this players privacy. Even though this player respects no one.
No actions have ever been taken against this player EVER on scopely’s part. And this has been going on since virtually the game began. And has been reported on since then HUNDREDS of times.