Cricket Bat Weapon?


Are a weapons during chritmas gonna be toys if so pls make them good id pull for this cricket bat if it had well let’s put it this way of it didn’t have the worst wepon mod tier 3 special on it


cool mod for green.

I wish they made more weapons outside of this horrific pay 2 play weapon wheel.

So many weapons are clearly made for new scrub players who don’t have their armories lvl 20 yet.


Perhaps we could have a 1* English Cricket bat with +5% Attack and Defence and then a 4* Australian Cricket Bat with +25% Attack and Defence :cry: #ashesdisaster


I’d like an aluminium criket bat called …The Lillee


Next six star character to go with this weapon must be Max Walker!


Well played sir.


Perhaps we could have a toon in a dirty vest called Bruce Will(is)?


Good luck or should I say good fortune (you gonna need) pulling that weapon.


I still can’t believe how bad they made this weapon. I know they make quite a few poor weapons and try to sell them, but this is possibly the most useless weapon I have seen, I can’t believe they are trying to sell it, if they gave it away I would just dissemble it straight away. there isn’t a single stat on that weapon that would be worth keeping.

I was quite excited when I saw a cricket bat, but wow.

@kalishane just tagging you, as I thought you might want to take to the team that if they are going to try to sell a weapon they should put at least one of the stats at least near the top. 2 +15 and a splash damage is just not usable in any context in this game.

If it has a +30 atk or +30 Crit you could excuse the splash damage, if it has a top special stat then you could excuse the other 2 stats.
I might be wrong and obviously the team there will have stats to say how much money people are willing to throw at this weapon, but if I see anybody rocking this weapon on a raid team I will know they have more money than sense.


The only use I can see for it is to clear guardian shields. :woman_shrugging:


this weapon is noob bait.

It’s a vintage weapon.
It’s a proc just like double attack.

And if anything you would rather have stun proc then splash proc i think.

It’s a cool weapon since the special splash is only been seen on some unique weapons or Red Slayer 3.
I got lucky where I tried a zombie weapon without parts and got splash ^^
The weapon is really nice for general farming since 6 stars can 1 shot multiple.

I wonder if you combine splash + collateral damage II, if that would stack the damage and double the splash damage. Don’t have a red collateral 5 star to test.

(my editing skills laughable)



Mmm ok, so it can be used for slightly quicker farming, I am guessing that gun could help to get a tower in wars (I don’t have rocket launcher abe) that use isn’t as good on a green as they are quite often stuck behind barriers. I have only got splash on barker and I haven’t really played around with him yet as he still isn’t even t4 on my 5* version, let alone upgraded to 6*.

That is a decent amount of splash damage, but it is still only really a farming weapon, in PvP that is just going to charge AR and not do that much damage. I do have farming weapons I like, but not something I consider worth spending on. But thanks, that has shown me it is more useful than I original thought.

p.s I like the editing on your first screen shot :slight_smile:


Well I can tell u that double attack and collateral damage work well together basically 2 attacks to multiple toons. However this always has a down fall. Collateral damage was unfavorable as it triggered ars sometimes unwanted but in the age of 6* and the high use of guardian I can say 80% of time it’s very welcome. And it honestly hasn’t caused me any issues that I got demolished or couldn’t get out of. Some people like getting off that early damage and use it In a strategy. If the splash caused 2x damage cause of collateral damage I say it’s another strategy and it would be cool


wouldn’t this weapon be useful for taking towers? Splash damage against walkers would save a lot of time. I use blue Richard with a heavy crit weapon so that I can wipe out a bunch of adjacent walkers.


Let’s see a Red Ryder bee bee gun



It could be useful for taking towers, but a lot of the time tower walkers hide behind barriers, and therefore you wont be able to hit them with this weapon. i run a ranged team for this reason, a splash red gun which is craftable would be more use in my opinion. or on a blue but that isn’t available via the armoury.