Credit where credit is due: nightmare map


I would just like to say thank you for the roadmap on this one scopely, especially the stage reward (museum necklaces). Although the cost of running each stage may be a lot of energy and kind of tedious, you can still make off with a good number of necklaces.


Credit on the necklaces but come on the Nightmare Map is pretty lame lmao


auto fill / auto run - meh


Rewards: good

Tedious long stages of walkers that offer less challenge than a late Survival Road stage: not good


Instead of 7 waves I thought it would be 1 wave with masses of targets… would have been better imo


Speaking of survival road, I wonder why they don’t add a platinum stage to SR weapons go from silver to platinum to ledgedary. Why not add a platinum stage between elite and ledgendary stages


necklaces so late in the game …

All gps and canteens bought

Lucas bought

6 x of tier 4 gears such as helmets, whetstones bought

need more necklaces???

maybe update the museum collection then it will be interesting again


And it’s wasn’t even on can Thursday. Lovin’ it, thanks scopely.

Although the part day gear roadmap messed me up :frowning:


Buy more Whetstones etc?

Personally, with 18 six stars, it’s now tripods, gauntlets etc that I’m running out of so I’m buying those too. Until I hit the collection maximums and have Lucas, I’m all for necklaces as a prize.


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