Credit when it's due

Ok so I have no problem coming here to rail on @JB.Scopely and @GR.Scopely (or whoever the current corporate human shield of the day is) when something goes wrong.

So I feel behooved to speak up when I think you guys get things right.

They are fun, challenging, and give decent rewards. The structure of this event is not strictly built behind a money wall and competing against those in my league bracket is a nice wrinkle. You guys got this one right.

Only request is make them tickets more regularly accessible please like via rm or shorten some of the milestone reward gaps in the event.

Nice job overall.

Wheel Updates
The changes to the token wheels (finally!) are so overdue and welcome. Good to see 4* in the basic wheel now since they are pretty much useless and the weapon adds are good too. Thank you.

League Store
This is working way better than I expected and the upcoming changes to the store look great.

Your handling of the cancelled war was done right. Thank you for that.

Constructive feedback

  1. Can you not have a broken part of the game like terrtiroties as daily or weekly missions until they are fixed? This is simply common sense. I miss out on mission rewards because I don’t have the patience to wait for the game to reload sometimes literally after every territory attack.

  2. If there are requirements for daily missions - list them. It is bunk that killing 220 walkers in a territory does not count toward the “Kill 90 Walkers” mission when there are no requirements for where they are killed specified in the mission description.

While I am going to be eternally skeptical and will likely be back out here complaining about something soon, and while the game remains far from perfect it is important to acknowledge that you guys have done some things well in recent weeks.

Tomorrow is my 1140th consecutive log in and it’s been a long while since it felt like you guys gave a sht about us. It has felt like you do again a little lately. And a little of that goes a long way.

Thank you again and please keep it up.


Agree on all but Arenas. They give too important rewards to too small an amount. Major rehaul needed in how VRs are dispersed and just how many trophies people are getting for a small part of weekly activity. They can get it right but it’s not at the minute.


Arenas give decent rewards? All I really see is the garbage rings added unnecessarily. Stat boosts weren’t needed, and more collection items to max a character isn’t fun.


Maybe not needed but here they are. Either gotta start collecting the rings or you may as well quit.

Arenas are the best thing they ever made in a lot of time but I really hate this pay to enter system. I understand they need to make money but they should do something different, maybe a can or more acessible tickets like hordes cans


Like others I agree up until Arena’s.
The vast majority of ppl aren’t getting Any Rewards and the only Fun part is Draft Arenas as you get to use disgustingly OP whale toons you’d never get to use. Which kind of levels it out.
You still don’t get crap for placement rewards. As with basically every aspect of the game whales dominate. What really sucks is the whales who slack off and sit in lower ranked Leagues just so they can walk all over everyone.

Arenas Needs a good overhaul. Imo


I feel unfortunately that you will be eating your words when u wake up and hear about the transfer segregation plans scopely has announced. Sorry :pensive:

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Credit where credits due? Ok well while we’re at it I want to say that PC has been actually making a nice difference the Camilla recommendation for Season 7 was fantastic for f2p, the communication about season 7 was better in general than say last season and the push for everyone to get 1,000 war tokens because of the cancelled war was awesome

@Bane @Gov @LadyGeek
So hats of to you guys for actually making a difference (I’d tag more but honestly idk most of you guys lol)


I’m already stashing some away. I expect it won’t be long until my best are obsolete even max ring .

I’ll give credit to whoever did the roadmap art, for laopos story, the oil sheen looks like real. Negative for the under scaled upturned car though.

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