Credit of googleplay Balance account


I have 50 dollars in ny account. And i try to buy the offer of valentines day(29.99 dolars) and say i have onsufficient balance. ( and show my wallet with 0.19 dollars). But If i go to buy coins, they show my the 50 dollars in my wallet. The offers ends in 17hs.Screenshot_20180215-151519|690x388


I’ll bring it up with the team, but I’d recommend editing your initial screenshot to blur out your email


Thansk man!


Have you checked any other games to see if the problem exists there? I’m told this is entirely a Google Play thing, so I’d suspect you’d see the issue in other games too.


I dont have other games. But if i want to buy coins in the game, i can, and show me the 50 dollars in the account. Its something with the offers, because in all the offers shows me 0.19 dollars insted of the 50.


This happened to me when I purchased a google play card in canada, the game would not let me use the card, even after contacting customer service. The only way around it was changing my google play “address” to a random location in Canada.
But that did the trick. So you might try changing your google play address temporarily just to collect what you have purchased, then change it back.
Edit: I live in the USA