Creater new event or change calendar!


Hello Scopely,

I would like to know if there is any idea for new events, because it is becoming very mass the same events weekly, I hope that the development team is thinking something new.

You can also change the calendar of events.


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (solo events and faction) (2 faction events, and 3 events alone)

Saturday and Sunday (Wars, War of Region and Blitz)

Thank you!


Supposed to be a new event (like the collection event we have going on) but nobody knows what it will be, something about ascendable Lori should be announced this week.


I think OP is implying the raid, level up, war, and SR events are getting stale. We need a new weekly event like that.
This necklace event and the future Lori one aren’t calendar events. Thats not what they are talking about.
We have the same schedule week after week. Slight alteration of the rotation but we do the same things over and over and everyone is tired of it. We need a few more calendar events where we are competing in the scoreboard for something.


I think she’s may login
May starts Wednesday
And I believe last Wednesday one vk sight lori will be some sort of event in a week let’s hope so becuz a free lori would be welcomed she needs to be good hiwever ya know what they say save the best til last


May login event?


Pretty sure I saw that she’d be part of a mothers day event, making her a login toon sticks a middle finger at the people like me who spent ages getting her from ascension lol


But then at least she’ll be 1 step closer to getting ascendable, counting down the days.


Let’s just get rid of the calander and let the events surprise us! With all the complaining we do about the calander or the events maybe surprise events are the way to go :slight_smile:


Yeah I’m hoping she isn’t just going to be handed out to everyone. That would suck.


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