Create Your Own Specialist Skill


This is just to garner ideas for Scopely to use (or not) for what boosts you would like to see, be it active skill, specialist skill or even AR’s.

What would you like to see?

I’d like a ‘reverse psychology’ specialist or active skill, when 1,2 or 3 team members reverse any negative effects ( -30 attack turns into +30, -AP gives bonus AP etc)

Maybe a stun reflect skill, if this character is hit by a stun it will stun the aggressor for 2 turns.

Active Skill all team mates get 100% AP.

Block decapitate, specialist skill. Toon still dies but walker replaces him for 1 turn with same stats & skill.

What would you like to see added?


Not a specialist skill, but an active skill for 6*.

Extreme persuasion : an enemy character will die instantly after his rush (rush is triggered by the specialist skill though)


Just some ideas for specialist skills, maybe they wouldn’t work but I had fun coming up with them :smile:

AP steal - when this character performs an AR on an enemy they deduct an amount of AP and it is credited to a random character on your team.

Disarm - when a character performs a critical hit on a character, that characters weapon stats are ineffective for one turn.

Leave them defenceless - when this character is killed, all the enemy teams defence buffs ( including leader skill ) are ineffective for 2 turns

Incapacitate - when this character dies, all enemies are stunned for one turn

Mimic - when this character is hit with an AR they perform an extra attack ( similar to lightning reflexes ) but copy the affects of the AR


Like the idea of mimic, could do a lot with that, even using the AR of the attacked player.


Leadership by committee, 50% of all other teammates not in the leader slot already leader skills is added to the leaderskill. Percentage subject to change obviously.


Yes would certainly make raids more intresting and strategic I think