Create a new region [PT]

create a new region for the Portuguese community, I am part of an internet gaming community and most of the Portuguese want to start in a new region, this will also help the beginners as they will start in a new region where they are average players. Who likes the idea helps to spread

This will never happen again. In fact there are a few brand new regions already hidden from everyone. You cannot find them & those who are brand new cannot find the rest of us. Its all done in secrecy. The only way to see these new regions is grab a new device, download the game & it will force you into a new region & you will be locked in that region for a year. You also cannot make a noob account on that account to check other regions out, its all hidden. Think about it, when was the last time you have seen a brand spanking new player in your region as in prestige 1 lvl 1 0 raids 1000 reps?

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