Create a Character (a poll outline)

In a recent post, I was reminded that, long ago, a survey appeared in-game floating the idea of a community-created character. I think this would do wonders for community unity, interest in the game, and the development team’s bottom line. Below is a poll series outline for what this might look like, top-to-bottom in start-to-finish order. As with all my posts, for legal reasons, these ideas are free to use without attribution and without compensation.

This is a poll series plan for Scopely to have the community create a character! Each poll would be held separately, and the top result wins. In the instance of the winning option not getting at least 35% of the vote, the top 2 options go to a runoff poll. Upon the ending of one poll, the next poll is released. The winning design by the end of the poll series is released in-game. All poll questions are revealed prior to the start of the polling stage, in order to avoid player backlash for not including certain paths on branched options.


Which character would you like to see as the community toon?
A: Rick Grimes
B: Andrea
C: Michonne
D: Carl Grimes
E: Negan
F: The Governor
G: Alpha
H: Maggie
I: Glenn
J: Abraham
K: Eugene
L: Jesus
M: tyreese
N: Lori
O: Hershel
P: Dale
Q: Aaron
R: Dante
S: Magna
T: Dwight
U: Lee Everett
V: Clementine
W: Kenny
X: Javier
Y: Lilly Caul
Z: Bob Stookey


Which Trait is the character?
A: Fast
B: Tough
C: Alert
D: Strong


Which stat combination does this character favor?
A: Very high attack, low defense, low health
B: Very high defense, low attack, low health
C: Very high health, low attack, low defense
D: High attack, medium defense, low health
E: High attack, medium health, low defense.
F: High defense, medium attack, low health
G: High defense, medium health, low attack
H: High health, medium attack, low defense
I: High health, medium defense, low attack
J: Medium attack, medium defense, medium health
NOTE: Exact values settled on by the devs, but the values must fall into the decided range.


Does this character have a leader skill, a half leader skill and a tactical skill, or a specialist skill?
A: Leader skill
B: Tactical skill/leader skill
C: Specialist skill

4.1.1 (if leader skill selected, or if tactical skill selected)

Who benefits from one component of the leader skill?
A: all teammates (lower benefits)
B: all melee teammates
C: all ranged teammates
D: all fast and alert teammates
E: all fast and tough teammates
F: all tough and strong teammates
G: all alert and strong teammates
H: against ranged enemies
I: against melee enemies
J: against fast and alert enemies
K: against fast and tough enemies
L: against tough and strong enemies
M: against alert and strong enemies

4.1.2 (if leader skill selected, or if tactical skill selected. When complete, if tactical skill, move onto 4.2. If leader skill, repeat the 4.1 line again, then move onto 5.)

What is this part of the leader skill?
A: +attack
B: +defense
C: +health (if not against enemies)
D: +crit (if not against enemies)
E: +ap when attacking (if not against enemies)
F: +ap when taking damage (if not against enemies)
G: drop rate bonus (if all teammates)

4.2.1 (if tactical skill selected)

Does this character have gatherer or tutor?
A: gatherer
B: tutor

4.2.2 (if tactical skill selected. If tutor was selected, then after this poll move onto 5. If gatherer was selected, after this poll go to 4.2.3.)

When does the tactical skill come into effect?
A: during event exclusive modes (war, onslaught, etc)
B: survival road
C: road maps
D: world map
E: faction assault
F: territories
G: raids

4.2.3 (after this poll, go to 5)

What does the gatherer skill drop?
A: 1-3 star characters, good chance.
B: 4-5 star characters, poor chance.
C: Coins, poor chance.
D: 4 star weapon tokens, good chance
E: 4 star character tokens, good chance
F: 5 star character tokens, poor chance
G: elite gear, poor chance
NOTE: exact chances determined by developers.

4.3.1 (if specialist skill selected. After this, go to 5.)

What specialist skill does this character have? Keep in mind that more powerful specialist skills will result in varying rush and active skill effectiveness.
A-Z: list all specialist skills.


What is this character’s rush speed and rush power level?
A: 58ap and least powerful
B: 66ap and less powerful
C: 76ap and average
D: 85ap and more powerful
E: 106ap and most powerful


How many effects/ abilities does this rush have? Keep in mind that more abilities means each individual effect is weaker, and that damage is considered an ability in this case.
A: 1
B: 2
C: 3
D: 4
E: 5

6.1.1 (repeated based on the amount of rush abilities chosen in 6)

What is the style of one of the rush abilities?
A: Damage
B: support – teammates
C: support – enemies
D: medic
E: tank
F: anti-walker
G: debuff recovery (choose 2)

6.2.1 (if damage chosen)

What is the damage ability?
A: multi-attack.
B: damage 1-3 enemies.
C: damage 4-group of enemies.
D: bleed.
E: attack up to self.
F: burn.
G: maim.
H: heal reduction.
I: attack up
J: defense down

6.2.2 (if support – teammates chosen)

What is the teammate support ability?
A: attack up
B: defense up
C: focus
D: ap up
E: crit up
F: elusive
G: ap up to self

6.2.3 (if support – enemies chosen)

What is the enemy debuffing ability?
A: attack down
B: defense down
C: attack up block
D: defense up block
E: remove offensive bonuses
F: remove defensive bonuses
G: slow
H: ap down
I: impair
J: stun
K: confuse
L: heal reduction
M: disarm

6.2.4 (if medic chosen)

What is the medic ability?
A: heal
B: heal over time
C: bonus health
D: revive
E: recover heal reduction
F: recover maim
G: recover burning
H: recover bleeding

6.2.4 (if tank chosen)

What is the tank ability?
A: heal self
B: heal self over time
C: defense up to self
D: pain split
E: taunt
F: bonus health to self
G: attack down
H: elusive to self

6.2.5 (if anti-walker chosen)

What is the anti-walker ability?
A: crit up
B: crit up self
C: deal a critical attack
D: multi attack
E: camouflage
F: stun

6.2.6 (if debuff recovery. Choose two. The top 2 are selected)

What are two debuffs to recover?
A: attack down
B: defense down
C: attack up block
D: defense up block
E: taunt
F: bleed
G: slow
H: burn
I: impair
J: stun
K: confuse
L: heal reduction
M: disarm
O: maim
P: all (if slow rush or powerful ability)

7 (the results of 5 and 6 are compiled and 4 different designs fitting the criteria of the chosen rush are created, tested, and balanced by the developers. All 4 rushes are presented to the players.)

Which of the four rushes does the character have?
A: the first
B: the second
C: the third
D: the fourth


What is this character’s active skill style?
A: self-supporting
B: damage dealing
C: team supporting
D: enemy debuffing
E: healing
F: anti-walker
G: self-healing
H: debuff recovery
NOTE: the specifics are then designed by the devs to match the balance of the rest of the character.


Does this character have a bound weapon?
A: yes, but it is removable and not upgradable
B: yes, and it is static and upgradable
C: no

10.1.1 (if bound weapon)

What is the weapon’s special ability?
A: When attacking, a better chance to inflict confuse for 2 turns.
B: all teammates get focus for the first 3 turns of every wave.
C: when attacking, a better chance for this character to get camouflage and elusive for 1 turn.
D: when attacking, a better chance to inflict 250 maim damage.
E: when taking damage, a better chance to inflict 25% slow for 4 turns.
F: when taking damage, a better chance to inflict -100% heal reduction for 3 turns.
G: when attacking enemies that are at or above 90% health, inflict defense up block for 4 turns
H: when attacking enemies that are at 100% ap, inflict -95% attack and -30% defense for 2 turns.
I: when taking damage, a 50% chance to inflict taunt for 1 turn.
J: When killing an enemy, all teammates recover from all penalties.
K: Upon this character’s death, inflict stun and impair to all enemies for 1 turn.
NOTE: the weapon’s numerical stats are chosen by the developers to match the game’s balance.

11 (two basic concept mock ups are made for the character’s physical design and are presented to the players. The chosen one gets rigged and developed.)

Which of the two visual designs do you prefer?
A: The first
B: The second
NOTE: the losing design can be utilized for the 5 star version, recycled in a different toon at a later date, or discarded

12 (the character is fully designed. Two variants are created, each with different weapon stats and different active skills. Both variants are tested for balance.)

Which final character do you prefer?
A: The first
B: The second


How should this character be released?
A: 2-month login reward and as a promotional toon
B: 5 dollar (or equivalent currency) 2-time offer, and later as a promotional toon.
C: Available as a promotional toon, and 1 month later in the ascendance pool and supply depot.
D: 1,000 coins consumed 1-time museum collection, and later as a promotional toon.


I would prefer this didn’t happen

And why not, exactly? Can you explain your reasoning?

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I would technically choose Allen, but to go with the rules I take Aaron.
So it’s:

Specialist Skill: Manic

I thought they meant we could make our own special characters like other games for a cost. 1 for free then reset or a new one for coins.
Maybe Ricks arm could go on Dales legs (joke).


I figured it was this. This would probably be way easier to code and balance, anyway

New character? I’d defiantly make it Aiko in maid outfit

(This idea has been posted by me 5,092 times in the past week)


TBH I don’t even need a actual functional character. Just something to use as an a avatar and on dummy teams.

If i made an ascendable of myself it would be this:

Trait: Alert
Attack: 1997
Defense: 1743
Health: 1296

Adrenalin Rush:

66 AP
Does 200% damage to 3 Enemies,3 Enemies get 50% slow for 3 turns and impair and elusive for 2 turns, all teammates get 10% AP and 50% Attack.

Specialist Skill: Tenancity
Lead skill: None

Active Skill: Slow and AP Gain

2 enemies get 10% slow for 2 turns and 2 teamates gain 10% AP

Recharge: 3 turns and 2 uses

Ryan’s Crippling MPX: 30% Attack, 15% Defense, (New Gun Mod) When an enemy kills this character the enemy teammate who kills him will be Reduced to 25% Health with 100% heal reduction for 2 turn.

I would have to make a come back if we had the option of a character creation. Obviously you wouldn’t want it to be super OP but something decent along the lines of rush creating and AS etc.

Game is dead who cares.

Character Idea:

F*ck You, Give us Your Money

Bound Weapon: When attacking, chance to give enemies 250 maim damage

High Attack, High Defense, Low Health
Leader Skill: All teammates large +hp while doing and taking damage
Tactical Skill: Gatherer on raids, drops 5* tokens or ultra rare or better gear
Specialist: Manic

Adrenaline: 76ap
Ability: 5, Maim Damage
Team Supporter

We Draw the Character Up
1000+ Coins consumed museum collection, never comes back

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