Crazy team cost

Saw a team with 2 s class Priya, 2 s class pete and an s class laopo.

A full and his money are soon parted.

Let the negative comments flow!


killable as fuck…

Maybe for someone who spends $1,000’s.

shield on atk with inpair they cant do anything at all. Just a slow kill…

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Two turn without payback… maybe three if there’s a little hp left.

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Please list a f2p team that can beat that.

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All but lead has been a war/token wheel at one ponit. All %8 but wayland

So a low RNG chance.

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to be inpaired no happens all the time lol.

Meant those toons. Missing the two most important.

I don’t think his main point is that the team is too difficult to kill. It probably has more to do with the fact that those 5 mobile game characters cost someone thousands of dollars.

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They pop up again when scopely does another random token wheel

Yea i know but you get people thinking other wise not op but they are out there ha

i cant really make any negative comment about that player, he seems powerful… im pretty sure he also has all other good toons, and come war he will be switching amongst the best teams u can make. will be a nice teammate but difficult oponent lol

Again nothing worthwhile from you.


i am just asking you to explain your concern with other people and their money

A diego team… I am confident my S9++ team could. Violet and Hershel in there to make sure Diego is alive to AR, once he gets his AR off its game over… Priya>Priya>Laopo>Pete>Pete

I am curious though, what S# was this team?

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