Crazy raid points

Anybody else getting rediculously high raid points? Or just me?

You are gonna mess up your bucket posting things like this

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Lmao i dont even know what bucket im in :joy::joy:

Its because you beat a mega whale, tougher the opponent better the points.

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You beat someone that has a historically high team grade. Back when everyone had 6*s team grades all were very close. Now that some have 5 S Class on a team, their team grade is very high. The trophies you get are related to strength of their highest team and your highest team. Historically strength, can’t be lessened by having a lower defense.

That was a bot def with a 2* lol

Doesn’t matter what the actual defense was or if it was a bot. It’s based on historical team grade

Only mother scopely knows ur bucket

Ahh…fair enough. Thanks!! :slight_smile:

Same here. Some crazy high points, and the average seems higher as well.

Lol I’m only a light spender. So I doubt I’ll be in a higher bucket than anyone else

Yeah, the average points i’ve been getting is 29

This is going to make whales stop dropping defense if they ever make the prizes worthwhile. You get 40 plus for hitting them and they get like 19. Such a stupid system.


Scopleys ELO algorithm is broken

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But what was the rep?

The bots always have less rep than u

Some of them are very close. Some bots have really high rep

The bot had about 60k rep

Not about the rep but team grade methinks, this ones a whale’s bot, s16++

Correct. Team grade is related to tournament trophies. Rep from raiding is based on rep.