Crazy Gear Situation


I don’t wana pull for toons anymore this gear situation is ridiculous we need a museum event for gear or a roadmap league’s gives u enough 6* gear to tier4 two 6* a month at a push so this month will be my free Bryan and free solange next month will be my League season 2 toons.

This just restricts the majority of people who refuse to buy gear doing any pulls.

RNG events are no good all the gear I got from harvest was for blue toons which I don’t need unless I wana ascend my 3rd Yumiko and 4th tyresse…

Also hey everyone finally back on my main account after my forum b4n over Andrea madness… Wonder how long it’ll last!


I got back today after my 2week exile lol


Weird flex but ok


Weird dude but ok


Flex? What about being exiled from forum okies then not sure how u took it like that but okies…


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