Craziest thing ever? Damn scopely


Just a screenshot of our most recent match up in Autauga region (a 3-4 month old regions) , we’re up against bell and Lee which I believe is way older than our region. Most in my faction have just been playing for couple weeks and we get matched against rank 2 factions and stuff from the other regions when there’s over 200 factions warring :skull:, fix it scopely.


Lol sarcasm yeah?


These are the matches my faction are also getting 8 out of 9 games it’s been over in 10mins, this is the worst war in over a year of playing I’ve been in,and now feel like not bothering with the rest of the war,but want my faction to try to get Benedicts as they r gold dust at the minute and there trying to get there first 6*


I feel you mate. Look at it this way: although they are slaughtering you, you guys do more wars and still get more points while loosing badly, than they get with their couple wins.

So in the end you guys will have the better rewards. xD


Yeah the first thing I looked at was event rank. I’d be pretty pleased with that if I was in that faction


I agree this match-up is completely broken. Lee gets soon 2 years old… Bell’s top have great weapons and can compete, the rest of their region less… Lee also suffer big waiting times :smirk:






Poor Autauga :slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face:


My god… 243 ranked factions :open_mouth: WOW


1 hour wait time… for 10 minutes fight =)


14 wars lasting ten mins for us on each, with the best one being we are ranked 73 playing 1st faction. Who had 1.5million rep to our 133k worse war ever for our faction who are feeling not motivated to even do any more.


This is worse. For them… imagine being these guys on the right


That’s crazy active. 3 regions warring? Our leaderboard shows only 78.


We had worse. 1.5 hours for a 3 min battle. xD

Funny thing is that “Elite des Todes” is not even the #1 faction in Lee . Those would be “Bloody Lions”. But they suffered huge waiting times aswell - although being online 24/7. In sum they had 20 wars less than EDT and therefor no chance to compete for the top tiers.


We are normaly place 3. 4. and EDT was really lucky


Autagua came out alone didnt it? Chilton was probably closest in age. Think albert had chilton and chambers. Idk, still saw some odd matchups. Cleburne vs Lowndes vs White. White was my og and I havnt been there in over a year how did they fit in that matchup?