Craptastic Start to 6* Territory Event

@WalkerTexasRanger @TayTron

Wtf is going on, Territories just Reset completely and I mean completely, every team placed in every 6* territory in my region was booted and the Walker count reset to 7,000.

This is Absolute BS and Totally Unacceptable!!
My faction worked our butts off trying to take Atlanta, we had over 5,478 walkers killed and 60+ teams placed when boom your Broken POS game decided to up and reset Territories.

I want my 5 refills back!!!



Same happened to us. Just reset, took the energy, and kicked all the teams.

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I think im the only one that doesnt mind when that happens. I really like the survivors that drop from clearing the limited time territories

Have 30 minutes to clear walkers. It used to be that if you cleared more than 50% you got the territory. But they might have changed that. That was when it was 10k zombies.

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