Crappy war prizes


So I asked everyone in my faction which prizes we wanted. 5 useless year 3 tokens or 4,000 5* recruit tokens. Guess which won everyone went for? That’s right - the 5* tokens.

So we are now playing a game of making sure we are in the top 101-200 and not any higher and have stopped declaring war until we have slid far enough down the rankings to start again.

What kind of developer puts in prizes to actively discourage players from playing so they can get mid-tier rewards? Smh


no wonder CRW is pure garbage. If they would remove it i wouldnt cry but no whales need some litlle fishies to destroy and some regions are too op for most of people


100 percent five star tokens. Those 5 anniversary tokens will be 5 SD points.


Honestly they should have made more anniversary tokens for each rank range.


That’s too fair and would make people happy, so no


We’re currently 27th in our CRW. And 3 out of the last 4 wars have been the number one faction.
The match making is a complete and utter joke tbh. Our last 10 have been the top 10. Poor very poor.


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