Crap gear crate drop rate

I’m getting terrible drop rates for gear crates from elite rare gear map. I’m talking 1 drop per energy refill. Last week I was getting drops on every single run through the ultra rare gear map. These crates need to be dropping on every run. This is just another bullshit way of holding back gear.


Learn to RNG.


There’s another post on it… don’t use tokens. Use double drop leaders. It’s only three easy stages of humans.

I’m not using tokens. I’m getting 1 drop every 6 runs.

That’s weird. They drop every time on stages 7 and 8 with a double drop leader for me.

I think he’s expecting them to drop every time on every stage.

Dropping every time on the last two stages for me with double drop leads.

Or at least I haven’t noticed a miss

Yea I expect them to drop… everyone else seems to be getting drops every time, so why wouldn’t I expect them to drop for me???

Because they only drop every time on the last two stages.

What do you think I’m doing?!? The whole purpose of the post was that I’m not getting them this week, but I was getting them last week!

What leads are you using? No gator/rosa might be hurting you

Using 2 medium drop leads. Getting them EVERY time on the last 2 stages. The other stages don’t drop them.

Are you confusing them with war chests maybe cause of blitz… go see if there are any gear crates in your inventory. Just seems odd to me.

100% false … tokens work too

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