Crafting weapons with crit success

It’s been 4 months since I’ve been able to get a good craft, stun on attack, impair when being attacked, stun when being attacked, ect. This is ridiculous.

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Do you have the crit territories when crafting

I wanted absolute defense on a new crit weapon, got it first try lol. Then ended up not critting for the next 2 upgrades.


Yes, both of them every time

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I’m well over 100+ attempts for a stun katana on my account and also 100+ for stun claws on Shiva. Some have all the luck and others dont. Just keep trying

Try crafting 2 weapons of same trait at the same time.

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Red stun I’ve found desert eagles have more luck for me others its a mixed group

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Thanks was one question I had. Do some weapons craft easier than others?

It is all luck just keep it churning

The weapons with like siddques shot gun or whatever it is and maggies this and Glens that seem to always have great rate of success. The last 5 weapons ive tried on 3 that were named after some random toon had success within first 2 tries while the others took more than 10.
I had a few friends in chat say the same.
Also i do tend to reset and try on same weapons about 10x in i try a whole new kind of weapon and seem to hit…just randomness

i got my first AD last month and never again. i dont even try with rick’s weapon

I have atleast 5 stun guns :muscle::sunglasses::+1:


Hehe I have 6

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