Crafting screen tells me nothing


Today I set up crafting of a slayer 3 katana,

And an AP on atk 3 smg,

Aside from “special stats” and “replacing stats”, these screens really tell us nothing. I feel like that’s a missed opportunity. It doesn’t tell us what optional parts we used, which critical territories we had, or exactly what mod we’re part way through adding. I realise we set it up so we should know, but I think it would be nice to see. I play like an automaton sometimes, so I forget. I then worry I put the wrong mod on the wrong weapon, or put it in the wrong slot.


I feel like facing an easter egg each time crafting finished because I forgot what I did. :joy:


According to Scopely, not showing the rules or mechanics of their product, makes it all “more exciting”.

Since we all know this is rather the opposite, there is a good spreadsheet online (petrapool version) that presents all outcomes possible in their proper trait column.

Go find it! :wink:


and what is this @kalishane?


I keep screenshots of it in a folder on my phone called IOS gaming.

But I also keep some other stuff handy too. Like this:

And these:

This little memento:

This out of date little number:

And a friendly reminder that I need to:


Any suggestions for what I might be missing?


You seem pretty well equipped mate, perhaps I read your post too fast thinking you were in need of some more info regarding outcomes, when you were actually asking for a better GUI around modding. Can only agree, its one of so many design flaws that could n should´ve been sorted long ago.

Thanks for sharing your bits n pieces! (Im sure it will be very helpful to somebody else)


I also found these. Not sure who the authors are, sorry.

If anyone finds them useful then great. If anyone else has some cool charts please post them.


Actually, how did you get this? I’ve been tapping on that icon to try and see how many crit sites I had, but it does nothing.


Nothing on first sight.