Crafting parts in armory - make it easier scopely

Dont you guys think crafting parts in armory need to change? Is not enough Earl is a d!ck and after XX tries still gives us for example bonus def instead of elusive impair etc?

Wooden stock to make magazine? Come on…
Wooden stock is needed for magazine but ALSO to make open sight? :man_facepalming:t2:
Crafting parts for parts to make another parts etc etc.
Its really stupid and annoying
Fix armory please, make it a bit easier and with some logic…
@TayTron @WalkerTexasRanger


Ethanol is also needed for so many things and it’s a battle to keep farming for more. It’s really annoying but they won’t do anything about it because they’ve already provided a solution that they want you to pay for, the Survivors Club subscription.

They obviously do not play their own games, otherwise they would know how time consuming all of this farming, crafting and waiting for another failure actually is.

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If they make part crafting easier then why spender will buy monthy pass

I have the answer: SC :smiley:

Imagine SC costs you 119$ € or whatever your money is. No thanks.
Im not saying no parts at all just make it bit easier and with some logic
Thats all

the most important parts for crafting (oil, files, grease, varnish) aren’t covered by SC make REALLY reduces its value for crafting.

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