Crafting Failure

I know it has been said before but still frustrating. I had both Surefire and Stripmall, used crafting parts that boost chances and use instant craft only to get both failures at 130. Either the percentage of crafting has gotten worse or does not even matter. Wasted all of my armory tokens to research something and waste 20k for 2 upgrades that wind up being horrible. Why can’t you explain this crafting logarithm to us and could you fix it or make it better. With so few chances to even get tokens it is frustrating to slowly build up and then waste them on a failed crafting. @Scopely can you fix it and make the chances better? Why give us a new type of weapon to craft only to make the failure rate higher?


Same here 50k o armory tokens in trash, only failures.

Same here, last 6 have been a failure.
Had to reset Pete’s weapon and try again. Success rate seems to have gotten worse since the update

Yet another issue that they probably won’t fix because this game is no longer a money machine

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More failures + more desirable outcome = greater likelihood player will spend to get armory tokens. 100% evil intentions working as designed.

They too expensive except for the super top people. It is like 6k per attempt… ridiculous. 300 bucks to just make your weapon 5*. I can’t imagine they making much now that initial push is over.

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