Crafting failed WITH PK/DT? Support says this is NORMAL!?


Is this legit?

No, ask @kalishane to follow up on it for you

Support has been saying this for awhile and they are 100% wrong. While there is no guarantee of crit success or which critical selection using PK, DT absolutely guaranteed a success. A developer here in forums has stated DT guarantees basic success multiple times. Did you screenshot or video the start/finish of armory?


No, I have no proof Of the failure. It wouldn’t prove I had used DT anyway.

Reading that again, it seems like they’re answering the wrong question. Like they think I’m complaining that I didnt receive a stun gun or something. Crafting totally failed.

I‘ve had that happen before, Steve. Guess there‘s only one thing left to do. Keep surviving… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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i had a similar thread not so long ago, a faction mate had the same issue but on scopely’s side no action been taken.

At least log and put materials used on result screen so we don’t have to record video or anything to prove a point.

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Agreed 100%.

We should be able to select the weapon in the armory during crafting, and see all the items used for any given craft; the same screen we see right before we start crafting.

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The crafting screen warns you now if you attempt to craft and do not use the optional parts, given you have the optional parts to use. Thus, if you did not see that screen, you did use them. Using a DT should guarantee a base success, nothing guarantees a crit result, you can only make it more likely with a PK plus the territory boosts.

Yup, there’s been a few threads on this already. Scopely says it’s impossible to get a fail with duct tape so it must be our fault eyeroll

I’m sure this is being quietly swept under the rug since this isn’t even being acknowledged anymore.

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Speaking on critical success, I got these back to back 3 days ago. Took 30 tries for abs and 20 for the other.

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Not crafted for months just simply due to the failure rate. I know stun guns and impairs and such are of course super game breaking if you have the right setups but its not enough to make me want to craft and besides the top factions dominate the crafting spots all the time and they ask each other when they want them giving nobody else any chance of taking the spot because they all jump on the faction working hard to take it outside their inner circles. I mean yeah they sometimes let you in to craft but how is that really any good?. Why can scopely not just have the crafting territories randomly given to factions over a weekly basis so everybody gets a chance to craft ?.

I got both of those with no territory buff, have faith cause it is possible

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I came here to also comment on the post by Salazar but couldn’t put the facts any better than this post does.

The system in place in Marion seems to work fine for the majority and all the top factions involved in the rotation have ALWAYS allowed people in to craft - even those intent on trying to take them rather than coming to craft.

I’m sure if you asked any of the factions holding them would let you in


Thank you for clearing that up lotus. It’s good that you and all the others follow my posts respectfully, i had a feeling you had been considering the circumstances. And of course, you all know about my mental health problems also, as i seem to remember you or the others putting it all over global chat on our region in the past even though that information was given to you or the others at the time with me being confident it was private which i was promised at the time but i am not here to judge anybody nor point a finger. I understand that you and the others are somewhat upset or maybe even confused as to what happened to me two months ago. If it makes you feel better exposing somebody with mental health issues and using that private information against me all the power to you.

Let me however mention that i stand corrected on two things.

I did actually test to see if other factions would hit my faction if we did indeed hit the critical weapon spot and as i thought they did actually do so. Not just did they hit us at the hilltop, other factions also are now hitting the hilltop also, so respectfully i stand corrected on that i assume.

I already know that the top factions work together because lotus confirmed that in his post already, no need to provide proof. So i also stand corrected on that also respectfully i assume also.

So now that we have that out the way what was your actual point being made again ?.

I appreciate your honesty and respect that you are openly discussing all of this but i must also say that your threats are meaningless at this point. And i would like to add that i had only spoken to a few people in particular in private on kik and told them in confidence about what was going on with me, however after i left the said faction with others due to a lot of bullying going on around that time and such soon after all that information i had talked about and actually asked for help was used against me on global which i must personally say is incredibly weak and cowardly. To actually try and threaten somebody with mental health problems that if i did not stay quite that they or the party involved would share my personal information on here and on our region is simply ridiculous and quite low. I am personally ashamed that people from my region would actually follow my posts and keep tract of me like this also.

However none the less i wish you and the others a happy new year. Whatever you are holding onto against me just know theirs always two sides of every story and thus not everything you hear is concrete truth nor does it mean what you have been told is how them things took place.

I do not have anything to hide here. Feel free to post whatever you like, and once again hunt down a man with mental health problems which i did actually admit on global which took a lot of confidence as i knew my admittance would give others the need to talk among themselves but that is fine.

I agree, lets stop going off topic and if we do have any problems lets keep it private. I really do appreciate your posts and let me say with total honesty and being very truthful that whatever has made you come here and post all of this openly in a public forum, that takes some real confidence and i would like to say that no matter how you may have worded your posts against me i truly respect you for actually coming here in the first place and taking the effort and time to debate me, that is how an open forum works more or less i would assume. I hope you and the others have a wonderful week and a really nice weekend thank you again for bringing all of this onto a public forum :slight_smile:.

I would say yes being honest. Admitting is the right thing to do here, and we both obviously have different opinions on whats going on. However with all that being said, i hope that everybody actually does come here and gets to see this. This is what forums are for. And this is my platform to really bring out my honesty and be truthful.