Crafting Crit success RNG

I think the rates for basic weapon effect crit success are just plain wrong.

Rate with crit craft item is 50%, you add the 2 crit territories and you are (assuming stacking) at 80%. I know in the world of RNG anything is possible, but based on the results I get day in and day out, I HIGHLY doubt im actually getting an 80% crit success rate.

Maybe there is something I’m missing?

Yes. It’s not +30% with both crit territories, it’s 1.3 multiplier with both territories.

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Still at 65% it is 2 in 3, mine feels more like 1 in 3

I’m getting more frustrated with this damn rng crit success cause I’ve been trying for months to get an elusive/impair ap gain splash weapon focused stun and cleanse and no matter how many blowtorches or anything I waste I cant get shit

Not really much issues with special 3rd/4th slot crafts, but then Earl always f_cks over the basic crafts thereafter, such as huge AP or +hp/atk/def. Which means I have to reset the weapon and start anew.


I think it would be a great QOL update to let people recraft basic effects to perfection. Or update crit success terrs/items to get 100% crit success.

Earl is the biggest sumbitch in this game :laughing:


That you have to reset the whole weapon including the previous successful crafts is the most stupid extra feature. But I do know how it feels when players already tried to craft something special for the 12705 time. To me it feels like they (company) no longer know how to solve their ridiculous armory rng.


so the success rate is actually 50% * 1.3 or 65% no wonder my crafts always suck

something else I seem to consistently see is how RNG behaves in clusters. I tend to miss crit and get crit in pairs, making me think the RNG seed is somehow related to what time you start.

I get what I want everytime

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I’m pretty sure you just say shit to rattle the cage

Probably one of the biggest reasons people quit the game😳


Yes, crit is 50% with the crafting items and every territory adds a 15% multiplier (1.15 / 1.3 / 1.45 / 1.6). The maximum you can ever get is 80%, but only if your faction can hold to two of the 6* crit territories, while as a rule of thumb, all regions agree to get just one 6* territory per event.
I save blowtorches, grease and varnish for the off-chance of another territory event to get hold of Shipwreck (or the other crit success territory) and spend all trying to get rampage, cleanse and crit expert.

I usually craft with 65%, which means roughly 2 crits in 3 attempts, but in fact feels like 4 in 5 for 3rd slot, but 3 in 5 for first two…

The bigger problem than crit itself is the desired crit outcome. I’ve spent 3 attempts every week trying to get Impair/Elusive on Slater’s grenade launcher, and have got crit success every single time - but always just bonus def (75%) or atk down (25%), until I gave up two weeks ago…

And some players say the Rampage is truly elusive (pun intended) with 100 attempts in vain…

No I would never

Same here!!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::rage::fire:

Hmmm, which toons/weapons absolutely need huge AP?

The only math I came up with is a 66 AP toon equipped with a 20% weapon (14) and aided by two 8% (2x 6) teammates and a huge (10) lead. Very large (20+8) on atk would put them on 64, so needs huge (20+10) to fill AP and get commanded for a T1 rush…

A 76 AP toon (regardless of weapon) or a 66 AP without the 20% gets absolutely zero benefit for T1 rush between huge or very large… And for subsequent turns, too many factors come into play (AP from damage received, AP drain etc) to have any guaranteed effect, thus it falls then into the category “good to have” and not a “must have”. Same would then apply to AP on defense…

Summed up, unless you have a yellow wakizashi or craft a blue weapon for 20%, failing on a subsequent huge AP craft isn’t the end of the world - just like a 3% stat increase… It is of course a reason to hate Earl, but not a reason to reset a 3rd slot you have had trouble to craft…

If you suffer from OCD or fall into the category “good to have is for amateurs, I need the best to tackle the best”, I’d say craft the stats and AP first and only if perfect, attempt the 3rd (4th) slot…

At some point the next class of toon will come out. The trend has been for each class to have a slightly higher AR. Its at least within the realm of possibility that the next class of toons will benefit from huge over very large. Perfect is at least future proof (assuming they don’t add a very huge AP)

I’m fed up with the RNG BS, we should be able to put whatever stat we want on a weapon with zero RNG added!!

Or if they can’t give us that give us the ability to Lock stats so they don’t get reset when the craft inevitably fails for the 100th time. I’m tired of wasting all my tokens, varnish etc having a weapon fail to get what I need only to be reset.

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