Crafting After Region Transfer


I realize this sounds like I am whining, but has anyone had terrible luck with crafting after transferring regions? I am consistently not even getting crit success and always have the crit territories and use materials everytime. It has been a few weeks so it is still a relatively small sample size, but the inability to get crit success seems off.


Actually I’ve had a lot of ppl in my faction who are new to the region get a bunch of good crafts they even said it’s like their luck has improved but I guess all accounts are different ya know


got a stun and absolute d right after I transferred to Terrell. After I left there been pure shit in all my regions. I guess this was a sign…


No luck for me still, in this Region or my former region. Super frustrated!


I feel you man, it gets very frustrating and annoying. Especially when you can’t get a good craft for shit and you see your fac mates posting all of their nice toys on Line chat.


Opposite . No luck since transferring, Can’t even hit basic Stat upgrades.


Seems to be worse for me now can’t get anything to hit


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