Crafted the Best Weapon


Didn’t even need a polishing kit

4 star weapons farming

What level is your Armory? 25??


Now we need a… Zekes candy cane


Level 24, so I can make two dozen of these.

Might have to Photosho-I mean craft that next.


Bonus Chocolate: All Team Members get extra deliciousness at the beggining of each wave.


I wanted to edit the other 2 descriptions, but I got lazyyyy x/

The AP is from everyone’s excitement at how yummy it looks. Totally works kinda


mmm… Apocal-icious


LOL nice pic. Do I dare ask where you got it from??




Hahah, I cannot believe what I have to search and go through to get certain stuff, so, honestly, you really DON’T want to know!



LOL. Is it really bad that the girl in the pic looks familiar to me. :wink:


Yes, my friend, because the video from which I got this picture from is nothing compared to normal, familiar stuff :wink:


Damn my fast weapon cache is dire. I have farmed 13 and 16 and still nothing. All I get is 1* or 2* weapons and chars. I’ll keep at it and hope something decent drops. I’m stuck with Mirabelle and Ezekiel both needing upgrades and trainers.


I use Alicia as my drop lead in my farming team too, maybe it takes a good while for something decent to drop??


It can. Use a dropper lead and a hired dropper for best results.

Agrajag mentioned area 14 is the one with ideal overall balance in his opinion: