Counter to current meta teams?

So the most common teams among whales have some combination of Donny, Doc Stevens, Zac, Nik and then maybe negan another Zac or Mia. What are you guys using to counter this?

Ranting, lots and lots of ranting and rage quitting


Frankly, there’s no perfect counter, particularly for ftp. For every counter you have, ptp has a counter counter.


1.Normal attacks fire damage and bleed vs Negan and Wayland.ez peezy.
2.AP drain mods helps too.
3.Lots and lots of healing/reviving,They can’t decap so hah.
4.Elusive helps a ton
5.It takes forever but u can do it.

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I use impairs on attack and ap down mods.

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Confuse… blue Dwight, michonne if you were lucky enough to get her (if not earl), Sid (turn two confuse AS is amazing), blue alpha also has a nice confuse AR. Holly is also a nice toon if you were lucky enough to get her but slows down the speed. Her guardian, elusive, heal and revive are great.

Even with all that being said, yea, it’s not easy. F2p need a Dwight type of character.

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ive had fair amount of success with these two against whale teams…ftp btw


maybe just flee teams like this…was down to negan and zack vs connie…i lost of course…

Well done you for finding a way. I missed a few league toons due to taking a year out but given me some ideas for sure

slow and steady and you…well, you still lose…lol…good luck!


this team is unstoppable…


This is my team. Works most if the time unless the toons are really lucky with guardians and stuns while I’m also unlucky. I’d say about 85% of the time it works

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Doing my best to slay the whale. Bleed Mods + Execution/Focus works wonders and Earl is a very underrated toon.


Until Zach resets all bleed

I cant tell if your joking or if your saying the 6* version of this team is amazing…

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This is true.

This team has been working well.


In my war log confuse characters do a lot of work, Julie is not as powerful as Regina but keeps 2 toons away of hurting. Love when Zach fires hemorrhage on it’s team.

Another useful toon are the ones that have 100% heal reduction like Sawyer. He can maintain the hurt until a good decap can kill.

And lastly, guardians also helps to stay alive

Unfortunately my roster sucks and I have poor toon diversity so I have no way to counter the current meta.
So there’s lots of Rage quitting, long strings of swearing and exclamations of how I hate the owners :joy:

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You too huh? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy::rofl::sob: