Counter for Red Teams/ Stun Weapon

So far, this war, I’ve faced teams with 5 stun guns and it’s pretty difficult to beat these kind of teams with Erika as lead, especially being a F2P player. I think Scopely should add disarm to armory to counter these Red stun teams, it almost takes the fun out of the game. What do you guys think?


I have alpha with a double attack 40 crit bonus I wipe those teams out I love them:)

Alpha is not f2p


I hope disarm will be available for f2p soon.
For the moment, I use Mirabelle with stun guns and Tyreese with Siddiq and I don’t have a lot of trouble with this kind of team.

Miras active skill is recover stun.
Tripp recovers everything.
Eugene (Whispers into screams) recovers impair and stun.
Shivas active skill stuns, rendering their stun gun useless while you charge AR.
Ty and Dwight both hit hard agains reds.
Yumiko too, plus with the active skill of confuse, you might be able to turn their stun guns against them.

I’m sure there are more, but that should at least get you started. Sadly there is no way to fully render stun guns useless (that I am aware of) and they are still a pain. You will still get RNG’d a percentage of the time, but you can manage the problem at least somewhat.


There is also 5* Blue Kay, who I still use in raids and wars.

You’re still finding fun in this game? Well done.

That’s what I have been trying. However, if you face a team with 5 reds chances are pretty high, that they roast your Shiva. This is at least what happens to me most of the times.

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