Could you please respond to keys?

@JB.Scopely could we please have an answer to if the keys will be available in coined bags or will we have to spend money to get them? Some of us may be holding out hoping they will being bags. If we knew they weren’t some of us might go ahead and buy the keys from the store.

Hopefully not. You’re contributing to the shitty rewards problem. If you don’t get what you need playing for free, Scopes knows you’ll buy the rest.

This past CRW for example: They only reward top 5 with full stash and they know 6-10 (you in this example) will pay for the rest to complete it.


Keys are available as the first milestone in tournaments. So it should be fine.

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I think he’s asking if red keys will be available using coins offers versus cash offers. Which may in fact be what you’re answering re: “on a schedule”.
I hadn’t seen them available for coins myself, only cash (which I won’t do).

And to the comment about first milestones, that’s well and good for running one of the roadmaps per cycle, but he may want the opportunity to run both. In which case you need extra keys from somewhere. He’s probably done the math like I have, and sees that without MASSIVE amounts of raiding for the paltry tire drops, AND the cans to do it, he’s gonna come up short.
Which as we all know, is the Scopely design.
So that you will have to spend something to get the top toon.
Keep spending!!! …errrr, I mean “surviving”…


I haven’t seen the keys for several days and I’m checking for them quite often.

I said some might, I probably wouldn’t because I don’t want to give them money for their obvious setup. Give u just enough to get close then try to squeeze some money out of you. Not going to do it

Im pretty pissed the first day they had a coin bag for 150 coin for one key, ever since then it has been $5.99 shop. 4 dollar increase per key. Yes i know there is keys in milestones, but not enough for 2 maps a day.

@JB.Scopely and @GR.Scopely are currently busy and can’t reapond to anything meaningful on this forum

I think if you bought the 2 boxes for 150 they won’t come back.

I didn’t buy them, now I think I’m screwed

I didn’t buy any, didnt have any coins at the time. Just like them to take away a good deal though, i should have just broke down bought a $5 coin pack and got 2. Oh well… :joy::joy::joy:

Oh. Yea I bought both packs. It came twice. Got them the second time. I think they will come back then.

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How bout the starter pack … wtf happened to that

Lol it’s called a starter pack unfortunately. That won’t be coming back. That was by far the best deal. 5 bucks cheaper than today’s offer for tires and it include more tires keys and batteries. Smh.

I’m really kicking myself for not buying it

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Yep. So are most.

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