Could you please make things MORE confusing? 😑

Of course, that was sarcasm, NOT a challenge. Sorry fellow players, I need to vent. 1st post ever.

Seriously, RTS, it’s all a big mess. It would be funny if it wasn’t so disheartening…

Take a look at your roadmaps, your collections, the leagues being screwed by arenas. Where do I stand? What do I need? What’s attainable? Why is it so damn messy?

Transfer waves and windows of availability -> ??? Like WTH. I dont need to expand on this considering the amount of complaints on the forum. The way you’ve been handling the game overall… It’s all very sketchy.

Events… ??? This is what we get: War, Oooh but no war, faction level up is now a solo level up, surprise! Is it going to be 2 CRW in a row or not? What is the actual start time?

I used to think I’d see the game die. But y’all are killing me.


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