Could you fix the speed issues?

There are several things wrong with the speed settings:

  1. speed setting does not work in manual
  2. if we select a toon and then start autoplay, there is a bug that unselects the toon
  3. we need an option to auto without AR
  4. 3x is not fast enough, give us at last 5x
  5. we need an option to skip animations

Every point on this list is more important than e.g. merging regions. You should do this right after the mods are available.

Strongly disagree that this issue is more important than merges on any front.

Valid point, but the majority will disagree bud.


To be honest, I disagree that these are more important than most things that need fixing with the game.

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Merging will only affect some player, but my suggestions would benefit all players. Btw: most of my suggestions would only require a few lines of code.

The updates recently with even 3x has been a huge benefit. Maybe you would like a play all and spend so I win option!?

Exactly. They did it all wrong (see my list) and it is still the best improvement to the game ever. This is why the should give this priority over stuff were only a few players benefit.

To auto-play faster? No this option is fine enough where it is. Alot of other issues are in line way before this bud.

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Maybe I’m overseeing something. What do you think is more important?

Raids, territories and faction assaults crashing. The 2nd gen legacy toons, rewards, sr glitches, war matchups…

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I never had a crash in a raid, territory or fa. Maybe it’s a problem on your side. Try a better phone.
Toons have nothing to to with this, because they dont require coding.
Rewards are fine and need no change.
What SR glitches? Never noticed one.
War matchups are ok for me. Whats your problem?

Not sure how any of those are issues. Sounds more like a lazy person’s want list

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I’m not lazy but yes, I want those bugs/design flaws fixed. Those are negative for all players. I cannot understand how anyone could be against those great improvements.

You listed them as issues… none are issues.

Has anyone said they are against the changes? Or have they simply implied that other parts of the game need fixing first?

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Ok then call them problems if you dont like the word issues

See when you say stuff like this is just makes you sound like a jackass

The things you listed are quality of life upgrades, not bugs. except maybe the deselecting a target

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Although i agree to a certain extend I must admit that I think you are one of the most stupid people i met on this forums. I have seen a few of your topics now and its utter bullshit.

How can this be more important than merging servers? Maybe i should explain you why not:

  1. This is not game breaking, servers that have no reason left to play on is game breaking. I can only understand you dont care out of being selfish because maybe you play on a server that is alive and kicking.

  2. It doesnt affect everyone? Yes it does, because non of the servers are active as they should be and even if you play on a very active server, it affects CRW. Look up some complaints where active servers wait 2 hours to find a opponent in CRW because the servers they are up against are too inactive.

As for your five points i agree apart from it has to be 5x speed. 3x speed is fast enough. You can more or less skip your animations already by pressing the screen while they pop. I dont see the urge to let them change that either. If you want to play a game where you have to do nothing i suggest that you quit this one and start to play an idle game.

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