Could you change the pop up notifications? (territory etc)

What I mean, is when my faction loses a territory, etc. I don’t need a huge pop up that blocks half the screen from the bottom. I was farming a radio map and as soon as I finished with a stage I was about to start it again before the timer ran out but instead had to have 4 territory notifications pop up (our region shares the crafting territories) and was unable to click on the stage before the timer reset because of this. This isn’t the only time something similar has happened with notifications (ie team being kicked etc). I am glad the daily quests notifications are no longer present, but can’t we get a different way to be notified other than it being overbearing?

Thank you


Yeah, they pop up during war, which completely screws you up sometimes. Not cool!!!

I made an account here just for this topic. The territory pop ups are driving me insane! Especially during war, I’m late on joining war teams, it blocks the bottom of the screen, etc. Nothing good about it what so ever.
Please do something about this.

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Over a year later and it is even more annoying now that my region takes over territories and then only puts like 1 team in them so territories change every hour. Completely useless notification system. Could be a different way to notify us. Or at least give us the option to turn it off.