Could you change the mittens a little bit?


The milestones are a little high for the mittens on level up and raids are a bit high. If you could lower them or like give us a 1000 mittens for the last 3 milestones for a war milestone? If this gets put ill give scopely some credit. What are your guy’s thoughts? It probably wont get put in though because scopely is really bad at responding to there community. :pensive:


Lmao, events like this are never free in this game. You want it? Grind more or spend. If you or your faction can’t make milestones or top rewards, grind or spend more so you can next time (maybe). This is the meta.


Farm and get your training grounds running non stop. Compared to the dewhite event these look fairly easy to get.


May the odds be ever in your favor, keep on surviving!!! :rofl:


Im in the top faction and i normally do well F2P so shouldn’t be an issue for me


But… You made a topic asking for extra mittens because the milestones were hard to reach. Sounds like it will be a problem for you.


Well it would cause i can’t keep up ALL the time with that


But… You just said it wouldn’t be an issue for you. Lol, make up your mind!


What I learned playing for many years if you’re gonna spend then spend all your coins even free ones on cans for events like these.


Level up is never a problem, even on f2p. I have more of an issue with Raids. The matchmaking system always gives me teams well above what I’m able to take on with my attack team. Just so many shield/revive combinations.


I second that, Marks. I do have a issue with lvl up that i cant get my 6*'s passed T3. First its a pay wall, now its a rank wall, smdh.


I dont bother with raiding cos of the matchmaking too. Not bothered with these museum toons as already have 12 ascendables waiting for legendary medals and tons of 6’s on t3 80 and no gear.


I would say making Sr an event for mittens is p2w. Can’t complete Sr in the short period they give without using cans. Its utter trash when they pull putting a faction Sr right after other faction events and instead of making it 2 days they give u 24hrs or less to finish. It’s one of the biggest p2w thrown in your face. The raids and level ups should be fairly easy to grab.


They need to do something about this. Everything else is pretty manageable if you plan ahead but the defence teams are far too powerful. These 6* toons are not all equal and need to be given different weightings for special powers and maybe how quickly the se and sp activate.



Mittens, or maybe call them gloves.


I too think the milestones are alittle high to get all the mittens


Not gunna happen. Knox is the worst toon far as 6 stars go in the game though so don’t feel bad for missing him. They will eventually put all these in the tokens wheel anyway and I’ve already got 150k 5 star token pulls go figure :grin:.


Good for you


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