Could we maybe get a “collect all” button?

Hey there, i was just wondering if we could maybe get a “collect all” button for the token “rewards” in territories. Like, all those hourly token drops from controlling a territory.

Maybe im just lazy in terms of clicking all those chests… buuuut i still thought that i would at least try to ask :3


Looks like im not the only one that wants the feature :stuck_out_tongue: sooooo im just gonna bump it a little so the topic doesnt disappear :stuck_out_tongue:

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good luck!

Good feature to implement! I’ve liked it

just gonna bump it so the topic doesnt die :3 (since more people are liking the idea)

Yeah, i think that it would be really great… like… it doesnt ruin anything :3 and some us in active and high factions get alot of territorys and we also loose alot… :3 it would be soooo nice to just click once and then get everything instead of the quite annoying chest system. And some people like me got fat broad man fingers and a impatient mindset… so we often “double click” the chests and get into the “territory” it self… like… it isnt a huuuuuuuuuuge problem… but it would really be a nice feature :3

Eu gostaria de ter essa função

Agreed. I hate getting pulled into the territory when all I want to do is collect the damn chest… This would be a good thing to implement, which means it will never happen… Unless there is a way to charge money for it, we may get them to put it in that way…

Well maybe if we spam enough? :3

Just like people did with the gear map xD

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