Could we have more Gloves please

The most boring part of the game, even more so than hordes has to be endless farming for gloves. With the constant level up events we have the amount available without spending mind numbing hours farming is woefully short. No gloves means no training camps means no level ups. Please make more available as noone wants a really boring game.

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Now they are up

They should have had added both items in the league store or another depot long time ago. So much stuff no one buys in the different depots. It‘s just amazing.

Only 600 again, nowhere near enough

Just buy the 70 coin packs when available l haven’t had a second thought about shirts or gloves in months ¯_(ツ)_/¯. And I am f2p.

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600 is enough to keep 1 tg basically running all week…

That’s cool and all but the point is you shouldn’t have to spend coins to not worry about it lol. This isn’t just for gloves and shirts either , gear shouldn’t require real money or coins at all. The shortage is ridiculous. Demand has increased and supply is lower than ever.


I buy them every time they are available and still have to farm all the time. That’s what I am saying make more available.

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