Could we have a battle chest update?

Maybe add ascendance tokens, 5* trainers, 6* trainers etc ( you can add details)


You would think this would be an easy fix.
Been requested for over a year. Like many things in this game. They don’t give a f.


Fix what? Just a idea

What? Fix the shity crates that’s what.



What would happen to the chests that people already have? Would they contain the new rewards or the old?

Lol what do you think? :joy::joy:

old most likely

Yeah they need to change. I constantly pulls basic tokens. What good are they to anyone anymore, get rid of the basic tokens and make each one 50 4* tokens or something.

Or even 50-100 5* tokens ^ solid idea

No, but keep on surviving tho

This topic is raised after every war, multiple times, and still nothing changes. Simple fix, but charging for the items players actually need makes more sense to Scopely. Abusing it’s players with pissant offers, insufficient customer service, declining content, and absolutely absurd item valuation is the Scopely way.


yeah i’m for that. remove basic tookens, up the SD tookens, ad Lithy, Ad 5* tookens, Benny, and Tom Brady,

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Solid idea

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add some crappy six star ascends too, with 50 percent kids
like holly and lydia

sorry just woke up from dream

they prolly remove the adens and add increase chance for basic tokens

Didn’t get to war much this weekend, fill issues and real life stuff, but when the wars were all over, I had 258 basic tokens.

The faction did 23 wars, I was present for 12-14 of those… 258 basic tokens. War chests with basic tokens. Tokens from battles, wins, etc. One Aden. 2 Burt’s. About 400 supply points. And 258 1* weapons and character cards that just took time to deal with.

No value added, nothing to enhance player experience, no chance of hope for anything useful. Just worthless basic tokens archaic in the utility. 6* cards render 1* cards obsolete.

So scopely logic is let’s give 200 to a player for all the time and effort of warring.

Frigging joke.

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Some war cans would be imo one of the best things to have inside those war crates


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Battle crates should STACK into one inventory space and we need an open all option.

Of all the updates needed to battle crates, this should be last on the list

How about training grounds that actually produce trainers? Not via RNG every 400 dumb fodder chumps, but a training ground that produced actual trainers on a consistent basis?