Could u make boot camp roadmap last longer

I don’t believe one day is long enough for the amount of time it takes to run through a map. Or maybe give us a better option for auto play, possibly more tokens to skip?

You mean the experience road map? You can blitz through it if you are higher level. The experience doesn’t really make a difference to your level though.

You are best off trying to be nearly at the end of your experience for the level do you get the use of the energy refill when you level up.

I find the 4* weapon parts needs a few cans, even over level 100.

Yeah I mean farming the xp boot camp roadmap takes forever if u don’t have hundreds of salvage tokens saved up

That’s why people have kids , i used my niece to farm xp maps every sunday , she is really amused with beating it over and over again and i get to do whatever i want enjoying the silence , she even learned how to use energy refills by herself :joy:


I just hit auto and continue on with what I’m doing (watching tv, cooking, whatever) check back and hit it again. I just farm last stage that uses 4 energy over and over. Obviously having my kid do it is ideal. But he’s found love for other games now so he’s not as into it anymore lol

Just put it on 3x auto while doing something else, like posting to the forums.

Or something productive


I like that, I approve of that, you earned the like


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