Could put lilith and Ulysses in the league's store

as I have seen, many players complain for lack of lilith and ulysses for their legends, you could very well place them in the store even if they are only 2 or 3

this would help the community too much :slight_smile:


Never gonna happen butI would be nice

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Farm world map, clear walkers from territories, Ulysses… :thinking: Well he’s in quite a few rewards :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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no more ulysse please
I have 30 and spent and sold dozen more
lilths please


They can add him in the store, just don’t buy him.

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I never understood that logic… “I dont need lilths so we dont need lilth in the store” lol like what but yea they could add like 4 lilths and ulysess and i even say add ben, basil, brady and burts also


I mean yeah, sure. But it’s like asking my local car dealer to put a few Ferraris in the window. Not like I can afford one anyway

with scopely never ask for too much, they knock it back
gotta start slow like with kids

Think of it this way. It’s better to have many of one thing and still have more available to you, than none at all. Take food for example. You have food, so should you not have more available from stores just because you have them now? Sure, food is a need for living beings to survive, but there are other examples as well.

Just a subtle way of tagging on we need more tokens anyway for certain readers…

I agree, would also like to see a limited number of war cans either in the league store or in the supply depot.

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Definitely not in the league store (doesn’t seem like a good places for them). The Supply Depot seems like the better place.

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Just throwing out an option though, I don’t care if it seems odd I just want it to exist :joy: league store would just encourage the gear gate which scopely probably wants anyway cause it forces players to buy offers instead of gear / not being able to afford gear

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I don’t really see many people buying war cans from it though, they’re easy enough to come by in war.

I’d buy them 100% always going down and being F2P :confused: I’m down to 14 cans, surpassed last milestone last war. A lot of my faction mates are low on tins too. Have way too many world energy tins

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Which is why they would be more suiting for supply Depot. Either way you’re getting a limited amount of cans for 7 days. Just more suitable for supply depot

May be more suited, but wouldn’t be down to refresh for cans- would be in the rotation with world energy and raids tins, would rather have a weekly supply that is an option to buy with league tokens personally

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Fair enough.

I would like to see a 6 star lilith. Ar 45 ap deal 666% damage to 3 enemies and cause bleed

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Coming soon to a league store near you!
You don’t have enough Ulysses?! :open_mouth: We will fix that! For 40,000 league points buy 1!
Omg you don’t have liliths!!! :open_mouth::thinking:We Wil fix that too!
Simply get one for 150,000 league tokens! Act fast while the limited time supply last!!! :joy::joy::joy:

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