Could i wipe my account?


I got myself in a screw-up and, long story short, I got a prestige item in a wrong region. I tried contacting support but they couldn`t help with this matter. Is there a possible way for me to properly delete my game data so that i can just start off anew with Everything, including all regions? To have my safe files properly removed? I am on Android. Please help me if you can!



Even factory reset won’t help
Try to log your account in different device then your account data removed from your main device



My significant other plays on iOS and he deleted his original game when he first started cos it didn’t show multiple regions and he wanted to be in the same faction as me (or at least I needed him to be a body in war so he went along with it for a quiet life).

So he factory reset and then re-loaded the game and he got to start from scratch, but the old account wasn’t linked to Facebook or anything. That worked.

It seems a bit extreme for you to wipe your long-standing game but whatever. Don’t know about whether it will work on non iOS devices.



prestige items dont count in a long run. for example to a 6☆ toon, prestige michonne cant do a thing.



On iOS:

Delete app, clear all data from iCloud involving game. Then redownload and start anew.

On Android:

Lmao I don’t know.



so all ill tell you is prestige negan is not that good. If you are patient enough 4* Governor is superior in every way. Since you are new stock pile them golden scavenger token so you can farm for a alert sandyand maribel and level up 2* garret with dupes and he is already really good and max a healer ray with dupes as well. Medics at a lower lv will really help you dont write them off just becouase they are a 2*.Dont worry man you’ll do fine without execution negan.

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Unlink the account then delete and reinstall. Also unlink the game via fb.