*Cough *Cough Territories... Again

Can we PRETTY PLEASE with sugar on top get a total revamp on territories?! 75% of them are totally and utterly useless and end up not being used. Or they end up getting hit once by someone not placing a team and then walkered by the next person who doesn’t want the territory because they’re just using energy. Maybe Scopely should make the rest of the Territories have some actual benefits. Maybe increase the drop rate for road maps, maybe some for war&raid… I’m just throwing things out there. Maybe some territories where they permanently drop armory tokens (that would really make people stack them). Something other than an event with decent drops and decent buffs. Make it a permanent thing. Also, you should really increase the number of teams you can place in a territory. This way people can use their territory energy without the excuse that they are out of teams when they walker all the taken territories.
I know it’s a long shot and probably will never be addressed but territories are so outdated and neglected.


When they start making them money they will work on them. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Can we just remove them from game.


wait to transfer and change your f region

What good would that do? Territories would still suck.


Idk when they changed it but they did change one to another player xp it’s called magnas something so now there is 3 player xp tt

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That changed with the lastest update. It no longer had any use since the way to level ARs changed

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Oh ok I just noticed it 2 days ago I didnt realize they did that maybe a day ago but I’m at 200 so it dont affect me right now

I like the idea of revamping territories. I agree that most of them are pretty pointless. Who is really dying to get that extra 5% attack for a couple anyway? I mostly farm them for survivors and a pathetic amount of league points.

I will say, I like that my region has a agreement that it’s first come first serve for weapon crits and you don’t stack on them. It’s a rare moment of community in a game mostly designed to extract numbers from your bank account.

I will also say that territory events are hopeless. The top factions in my region stack them and hold them the entire event. There is no real point to that kind of event except to feed whales. Such a shame

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Similar crits crafting agreements exist virtually in all regions. Sometimes same extends to the player XP and previously also Persona Rush boost…

I like territories for farming survivors - both as a bonus from Hospital/Fortified town and directly from walkered territories. Am not getting mad when they fall to walkers, except for those 2* ones - like the mentioned Fortified town (or Suburbia). Somehow I don’t understand why some territories need only 3-4 walker sweeps while dropping good amount of survivors to boot (like 10-15), yet the fortified town needs 7 walker attacks, yielding 2-3 survivors per run…

If they reset all territories for max 4 attacks once walkered, I’d be happy as a lark

Yup, so they should do it for the other useless ones.

From Scopely’s perspective, making permanent armoury token territories, maybe some torch territories, some burt territories etc (needs to be small amounts though) would actually make them money on territory cans, so it’s not a bad idea tbh.

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Get rid of the one that changes training grounds timers.

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I’m just saying to make all territories desirable in some way… Right now they’re mostly useless and something else for people to walker.

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While at it, might as well change the damage taken by toons. Dying while attacking and defending should cost the same. Make it both 300


On attack, it should be 100 stamina for every alive toon if you flee or time out, 200 for every dead toon (regardless of flee or time out or total loss).

On defense it should be 200 stamina if all your toons were killed and 100 to the casualties if at least one survived. And then apply the timing multiplier (holding the territory for more than 8 hours 50% more stamina loss, then 100%, then 150%…)

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