Correct me if VK leak is true? Where are 2 feaking (gps/canteen) for 6th to 25th places?


As kali has announced next crw reward, 2 bag of gps/canteen for 1st to 25th place.
As vk leak out, only 1st to 6th get gps+canteen, 7th and lower places get 1 bag of canteen/gps.
I know scopely said do not trust third source information , i don’t believe scopely either.
… i just dont want to start another round of riots.


All rankings to 25th get 2 bags with either GPS or Canteen. You have a chance to get either of them. It says GPS OR canteen, not AND.


But, yes, I do see in the pictures it does have both in 1-6th, my apologies.


Just came to ask this q :expressionless:


So @kalishane was fed information information saying Top 25 get 2 bags giving GPS or Canteen. Top 6 get one bag with GPS and Canteen, and down to 25th get one bag with GPS or Canteen.

I blame the fuckers who said there was no incentive to finish 3rd over 25th…


*** misread comment, is deleted***


Wait, did you just accuse me of being wrong and then repeat the exact same thing as I said?


I apologise for misread it, I erased my previous comment.