Correct me if I'm wrong, but something is off about Hina

Hina’s Rush is absolutely wrong. It stuns for two turns and gives ATTACK down for two turns. They can’t attack when stunned, so it’s completely useless. Is there something I’m missing here?


She’s trash either way


If the stun gets resisted, then that will keep them from doing as much damage


On the off chance they resist stun at least they will have attack down. But that 35% is pretty weak. I would rather it be defense down.


She’s the worst gen 2 so far


They have to make toons like Hina so they can throw her in a war wheel down the line and say LOOK. LOOK AT THIS GEN 2 TOON WE’RE GIVING YOU ALL STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT HOW SHIT THE WHEEL IS. She’s gonna be the next Aris/ Kal.


So it’s a safeguard. Not part of the actual rush. That really sucks, especially compared to non situational rushes i.e. every other rush.


She’s a nice f2p toon with a nice specialty skill. Too bad she’s P2P.


Ya it’s a little wierd they did this with Jackson and now hina. Seems like this would of been a decent ftp event with a decent ftp character. Guess not though.

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Even by f2p standards this toon is straight :wastebasket:


She could be useful on a bleed team I would use her if she was ftp

Care to explain what is so descent about this character? @Rickygrimes @Cass2

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Well there aren’t many six star hemmorage toons… it’s a pretty viable strategy against these payback toons. That would be the toons really only use but that’s sort of like the current promo Tye. Killer against payback, too slow against the rest.

Especially considering a lot of the recent promos have bonus hp… negan, Elle, Pete and wayland.

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main dmg under 1k will kill him as it does not go off…

Her AR also does zero damage.

I guess her sole role would be rushing payback toons. But given the team make ups I’ve seen Negan and Wayland on, you’d be crazy to take a strong toon. Feel like that would be too situational anyway to make her any better than a trash F2P toon

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Zachs, Mias, Negans are red but their main dmg source is fixed, so doesn’t matter if you bring strongs

They can still hit pretty hard on their basic attacks. Plus they won’t be the only toons on the opposition team. And with the AI still enjoying a good dog pile it’s a risky strategy, albeit I don’t disagree

or possibly just like Red Dale bug/intended … if you hit a toon with maim resist, the 50% def down is also cancelled with the maim

Interesting. Does the Maim also get blocked if the toon resisting DEF down? :joy: