$copely increased the I.A again?

I have noticed in this war that the artificial intelligence of the enemies has increased, I have a strong character in my attack team and in all the war battles that the enemies have played they only hit him in the first turn (due to which to make strong the weapon does not give negative effect to the enemies) … someone else has noticed this

Yes, they will avoid stun, impair, absolute defense, etc if they can. They will target the lowest hp toon.


Yes, I realised it too, before against yellow team none of my toons die but 6* priya gets focused every time, sneaky buff

If i use Holly’s ar which gives all but her elusive they hit her non stop. Its annoying af on sr.


it’s s class, any gen 1 char, even.if.not weak trait is close to one shot from these guys
and most of then are.disarms lolz

Yeah it has changed Bruce would atleast survive first round now gets wiped out first round

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Yes my friend. I’ve noticed. They seem to either target my Tobin 6 or my christa depending on the team I use. They also all gang up on Charlie in my main offense.

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This game has no AI. It used to just do a much better job at randomly spreading out the attacks so we at least had a chance.

Now it’s been pile on the weakest toon for months now. I still think they didn’t do squat when they said they scaled it back after the initial change. With the focus completely on defensive toons, that bs AR bonus defenses get, and now with the addition of platinum mods it’s going to get even harder to keep our weak @ss offensive toons alive.

I had to put in a HS after the change and I still have to use one otherwise toons like Michelle can’t survive even basic attacks from stop sign boy. F2P is so boned.


Every single team I face just targets my Earl now

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I love dabbing on Michelle with James

Can’t have greens on the attack anymore, unless they’re behind a shield. With Christa and Kapoor, there’s a decent chance you lose two on the first turn if Christa crits. Maybe if you go all out defensive (def/hp lead, tanky mods/set, tanky weapon), but then you won’t get enough damage out (esp as Kapoor heals for thousands if you leave him unattended for a single turn). Shieldless green is dead, and yellow is on life support. With shield, it can still work if the opponent has bad mods/weapons).

@IronandWine Not sure how long this will work - I noticed my Michelle getting close to zero from the collateral damage alone. Once people get him a tier higher, it might be enough to kill her directly.

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For sure all 6-star attacking toons have always had piss poor def and hp but that didn’t matter so much a year ago but now forget about it. They drop like flies w/ out an HS even from basic attacks.

This game has always lacked balance but at least when it was skewed towards the offense the game was fun. It’s super boring now.

I never will understand people’s obsession with their defenses. It’s not like we are actually controlling it or even able to see what’s going on. So dumb. :laughing:

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Yeah, just lost a battle because I mishit and attacked with my shield instead of defend. Christa wiped 2 greens with regular att r1. :frowning:

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They never changed it, all physiologically.

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Yeah hard to do when ya quit isn’t it >

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I had a match where every single toon gangbanged my guardian rick and he’s my highest level toon too

It’s just piss poor design. When a toon has a trait advantage over another toon that should be the one the AI attacks exactly like it used to. This dogpile AI is nothing but a big pile of :poop:

I’m really also not looking forward to when the whales are given the opportunity to purchase plat mods thus giving f2p absolutely ZERO chance to win a single match let alone a war against them. Also at 400k a pop, it will take all year just to outfit a single toon from that stupid depot let alone a 5 person team for free.

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I’ve kinda just given up on really trying that hard anymore. I’m fairly burnt out.

This why you use a shield when you raid.

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