Coolest way to get banned

So, as an excited player, I bought Charlie from league shop. I changed my avatar as Charlie. I saw a guy in global chat which done same as me. I jokingly said that he stoly my avatar. After 5 minutes I reconnected in game and guess what? Ban. Fix this shis, Scopely…

“No snitching”.

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you were right scopely does baned for stupid reasons

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With all due respect, and because I know that the banning system is clearly f*cked, but how do you know that it was the particular exchange you mentioned in your post that got you banned?

May simply have been the last thing you were able to post before a ban for a prior “offence” was actioned?


Weapon Smith!


I’m honestly awaiting my first ban aswell.

The filter keeps censoring completely harmless words in other languages.

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What part of “this is skynet but it is just a baby and going to watch you and learn from you tailor make a list for you” dont people understand? Lots of people “test” the bot and wonder whats going on and wonder why they cant say some words, i talk as little as i can in game now. The 1984 skynet bot creeps me out and im not gonna allow it to build a profile of me.


The coolest way to get banned is to not draw any attention to it, don’t my any posts, just accept it and move on. Now that’s cool as fuck

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With all due respect, I am not Talking to anyone in this game, I am just doing my thing and leaving. Can I get banned for leveling up my characters? :thinking:🤷🤦

I don’t know, but maybe 4 hours before all this you might have said some things which are defined as ban worthy, and simply these were your final actions before the ban took effect…

Nope, believe me. I am as antisocial af

you forgot carl to museum is certain

And keep surviving

fixed!! in a complete sentence

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surely ‘stop surviving’ would be more apt?

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If it were me I’d be screaming “keep surviving” “survive this” “colour you survived” but then again I’d prob just hit the star trek team cus I couldnt find the one guy/girl they still have working on this game lol

What’s up with this ,Carl in museum" meme? I see it everywhere

We must stand up against the AI

With a thousand complaint threads…

Sarcasm, it shouldn’t have to be pointed out, but here’s my disclaimer

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Then you missed out on quite possibly the best threads that have ever been made here.

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For fucks sake, it # out Charlie for me every time today, I’m gonna get a 24 hour ban for telling people I bought Charlie lmao