Cool idea for War!


I think it would be a pretty cool feature if it was possible to have a way to fend off attackers in war. Maybe just like for attack you can pick 5 toons to put in a team that could possibly slow down your inevitable destruction in battle.

Not sure if its possible, but it would definitely add more depth to War. Currently you just click to attack then the screen does some stuff for 30 seconds then your back out with points. Then you repeat that motion 6/8 times till you’ve hit everyone. Then just wait for the cooldowns to rinse and repeat. Might be too much to ask, probably don’t have the resources available to get it done before 2019.

Please take it to the team. @Agrajag @kalishane @CombatDevIl @CombatMan

If you couldn’t tell…this is sarcasm but point is real. Defense does not exist in the current Meta. Half the game is missing…


Shot themselves in the foot with blue Michonne, way too powerful of a rush with disarm. Upcoming toons look poor in comparison now


Also love how 10 toons get leaked on vk. Only one is an OG ascendable. Then we get a 6 month timetable for the new list before the last one is even finished.

A bunch of subpar promos incoming. If offense is all but cemented, and defense doesn’t exist…is there a reason to pull? or even play?



Also, no


Only reason to pull now would be for something that guarantees defends, for that to happen they’ll need to release an even stronger toon to counter Michonne. I dread to think how broken that toon would be.

Need those 5* tokens btw, in dire need of Vernon. :rofl:


Vernon destroys all. Tbf he would probably be as effective as any 6* red at this point.


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