Cook Region : Recruiting




Is this still happening?


I joined and glad I did. Nice people and competition seems pretty equal


That’s cool. Good people? How many active factions? Did you bring a faction or join one?


So you’re saying it’s ripe for the picking, with no top top faction


If a “top faction” of whales wants to dominate a region of mostly f2p players then are they really a “top faction”? Nope. Those are called “sissy factions”. Thanks for playing. Lol


Why did you all have a prestige 13 appear on global in my region not good moves you didn’t sell anybody on that


its a catch 22, Lions will go where the fight is, hyenas will always go for that low hanging fruit, also have some scar type factions that while they can hang with the big boys would much rather be Billy Madison in pre school. Is what it is?

If I were recruiting I’d probanly have a fake name and go for an Atlantis deal


What was their name @Dennis.menace ?

@jason3tears (I’m tagging Jason here. Not blaming him. Just to clarify)


Sorry man, that was one of our recruiters. He didn’t mean any harm!


Alot of are tops went to bollock already


Alot us are doing same trying to rebuild Marion estimations are 18-20 will play in atleast 1 war


nah go spam another 300 regions


Man, did you nail it. In Stephens, where Dead Reckoning went, we just call them douchebags. They just came in and started barking out orders like the punks they are. If they really wanted serious competition this is certainly not the region to have come too. It’s clear they’re just big bullys looking for some little guys too dominate. Too bad they’re too stupid to realize we can all pack up and go elsewhere.


MoKo2K. The poster refers to “Evil Dead”. Pay attention.


Lol if we wanted to just dominate wouldn’t we have stayed where we were ? Tbh we were invited more liked begged to come to a region where we were told is extremely active and very competitive. Mostly ftp with everyone having double Erika’s and other top toons. Hmmmm… mind passing the salt ?


Bill and Ted won the battle of the bands so you guys would be excellent to each other and I’ll be darned if this thread is gonna disrespect the legacy of Bill S Preston Esquire or Ted “Theodore” Logan. Not on my watch


It’s just funny to me this guy goes bashing us every where he post. Even on the $0.99c deal thread. He should lay off the salt it causes high blood pressure. Lol


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