Convicted offender playing in regions

I know at least one convicted sex offender playing in regions like Chester, Lancaster, Henry and few others with multiple accounts.

I have reported this person to scopely before but nobody took any action against it. I feel really uneasy around this person.

This game is open for people who are 16 and above. We have a right to keep our children away from such offenders. As fellow players what do you all think we should do?


I think we should do nothing there just playing the game if u don’t like them maybe block them then u don’t have to even listen to them


Are you scared they’re going to molest you through your phone?


Lol good point cybermolestation

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My gosh, watch out for that guy walking down the street… He went to jail once for drinking in public. Or hey maybe this guy that’s three countries away from me playing in online game for adults…


This is really strange. Sex offenders can’t play mobile games?


how would you even know this


Anyone else get a good laugh that they are playing in chester? (Also another word for child molester if you didn’t know)


I did not but good catch

Wow you bunch are really sensitive about rapists I see. I mean hey he just raped somebody its not like he doesn’t deserve to be treated like a buddy! So what he is a sex offender and basically breaking law just by being online. So what I can see him in game chat talking to bunch of school kids everyday and at times he even bullies them. You are right. I just overreacted. I should be totally chill about it.

Btw any of you ever been in a situation where the victim is your family or loved one? I am sure y’all cool dude attitude might change in that case.

His mug shots were once circulated in Chester and he was pushed out of there. But he is back. Nobody cares anymore.

Hey sex offender doesn’t mean he raped someone


Is he harassing people or something? Like how does him being a sex offender affect you personally?


And how is he breaking the law by being online


If it bothers you that much why are you on forums talking about it and not with the police?

My cousin dated a girl through high school slept at his girlfriends house with her parents there. When he went off to college and she was stuck here he got pegged with statutory. Now he is And offender for the rest of his life. Be careful because you probably do not know the story.


I know the whole story because it was covered by media. But I clearly understand the attitude here. I guess I should just retire because neither scopely nor the community will do anything about it. I will be deleting this topic now.

You are overreacting. Kids should not be playing this game. Somebody could be using his picture to pretend to be him.

If you really suspect the things you are saying, then the police should be contacted, not scopely. He can just make another account.


I mean, Scopley doesn’t really care tbh. I had a serious stalker for over 2yrs who threatened to rape me and kill me on a daily basis in gc, followed me into different regions every time I transferred and even showed up outside my home taking pics of me. If the dude is causing problems in game sexually toward a minor then ss, try and get whatever info you can on him and send into the police. Scopley’s not gonna do shit tho, and let’s face it, theres nothing anyone here in forums can really do either. He will always be able to transfer and change his name and come back or just make a new account to troll.


I was falsely accused of stalking
Guess I’m too dangerous for this game by this dudes standards

Write your congressman

Grab pitchforks and torches

Pen out an anonymous letter to the local paper

Drink a tall glass of milk with an oreo

Those are all options of what you can do about a person, convicted, outed or whatever exercising their right to play an anonymous game. The internet police are not real

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