Converting 5* toons to trainers

5* toons level 1 no matter what tier convert to trainers when you only want to convert training ground toons. Just lost a bunch of ascendables to this!

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School boy error there fella, always double check if there’s things you could lose…

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Not only lvl 1 just random toons. There was no backing out option.

Again, you had to select them, even if you just hit select all… 5* Ascendable or 5* theyre all the same

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Yeah they should be locked, but it sucks that the toons can’t be filtered out by 2*, 3*, etc in the conversion training grounds. The filter system only has 5* on it and if you want to convert common, rare, and ultra rare toons you have to scroll way down. This could be easily fixed to be sorted like the weapons menu


Actually you can select 2* 3* 4* or 5* … but you have to do it from top left corner search box

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I know what you are saying, but it was like 200+ toons and as it said from the training ground, I thought nothing of it. Further investigation it seems like all unlocked toons. If it says from the training ground, then it should be only from the training ground.

I don’t think you can directly convert from training ground. You still have to collect the toons from the training ground first, before converting them.

Thanks didnt even see that

This is so backwards. Everyone wanted more roster space and for trainers to stack so sifting through the roster was quicker.
Now we have all this other fluff to contend with which wasn’t needed.
Just another 15 hoops to jump through to get what you want.


Agreed, not a bad update…but really not needed either

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And still absolutely nothing done to actually improve the level up economy. They literally did all this without even creating a new 6* trainer for the S Class Era :joy:


6* trainer is not needed (use two bennies instead - don’t tell me you’re so constrained by food that you couldn’t afford it), but a change to s-class renown gain would be very welcome to compensate the insane XP amounts needed for the T1 lvl60->90, T2 lvl70->110…

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Just checked and found I’ve lost 5* versions of Trader, Jason, Mercer, Priya and Wangfa. Be careful folks.

That would take effort, testing, etc. Conjuring up a new trainer is something they should be able to do lickity split. Plus we both know they would drip feed access to a new trainer making it rare as hell for anyone to actually obtain it

But they couldnt even do that


Making a new trainer would be either pointless (just use two Bennies instead of one Boris) or defeat the purpose of making them take so much effort to level.

Adjusting the points value is something I think the devs have hinted they wanted to do anyway but couldn’t do yet because reasons.

Need Bennies to begin with bruh…


How bout upping the cost trainers give? 1 create a basic trainer for 1* xp? 2* xp? That is obsurd that they crates those worthless turds. All shouldof been converted to Burt’s and ALL trainers get an Xp boost to accommodate in the S-Class era. It was very obtuse of you to not be open about a 6* trainer when you preach to me about not being negative and you shut @Alexanaxela down for suggesting this.


the training ground default page should be training “new toons tab” like before… not the conversion page… the people who does the programming is not a regular players nor do they use any sorta feedbacks from real players… hence all these poor quality of life executions.

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Amen to that… I am so used to open it then click bottom left (for next TG) that I constantly select all my toons (including ascendables etc) and freak out… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Luckily you have to confirm the conversion first, but I dread an accidental tap on the wrong part of the screen then :stuck_out_tongue: