Conversion rate on broken heart tokens


Does anyone know the ratio on tokens to supply markers at end of event? @kalishane


Still you don’t know why reply serious.


Relevant haha you just told me I could get anywhere from 4 thousand to 4 million markers with those conversions lol


You know what, you sound like an ungrateful prick.

And Im willing to get flagged just for the opportunity to tell you that.

What a D bag.

The guy tried to help and you take that approach, I hope you dont get one god damn single answer in this thread.

If you treat other members that way, you dont deserve shit.


Lol why cause I ask a question and looking for an answer not a guess. You don’t see me name calling.


Do you think name calling is the only way to be rude?

It was an estimate based on prior experience. Take it or leave it.


Almost 1:1


Lol hilarious. Here people think their thoughts count.


Lol hilarious. He replied to my thread early with a useless answer and now he is complaining about others doing the same…

But to answer your question. I do not know what the conversion rate will be. What ever it is its not worth holding


Anyhow can someone delete this thread I just sent a message to them no need to just here guess here bye all. @scopely