Converging VARIOUS 5* characters for ONE Ascendence to increase SPEED of release


the idea is simple and would increase the speed of Ascendance release by 2 fold!

As LadyGeek mentioned in another topic, getting through the complete list of 5*s might take 10 years.
Why not increase the rate?

The ideas could be to have not ONE character as possible source for a given 6*, but two or MORE OPTIONS.
Glenn 5★ “A Larger World” Strong OR
Glenn 5★ “Road To Survival” #3 Strong could both lead to the new 6*

In my opinion you could even take a complete different trait/role as source. But this would give more people the option to ascend more of their toons - without spending resources on the 6* Artwork/Skill Designing and so on.


Ficaria melhor assim


I just try to bump myself…If there is no interest in this.
Please tell so!

Hope to gather some love or hate…but please bring me your emotions!