Continual game crashing [logged]

My game keeps crashing ever since I updated game because I’m on Beta. I reached out to in game help they gave me crap response to beta web page. Alrdy have that.
You are costing me Sr points, territory energy, raid energy, and making the game unbearable to play.
I’ll never do an update for beta again until it’s live. It needs to be fixed asap.

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Its not just beta… if i open territories it crashes… when i open basic tokens it crashes
… when i pull it crashes… sometimes just crashes for no reason… hopefully they can fix that soon

I’ve had the same, BETA aswell.

Game is crazy with loading wait times currently waiting for raids to load among other parts of the game.

I have the same issue here. I’m a beta player and since the update, which led me to game version, I can’t load the game anymore using my smartphone (motorola Razr Model XT916, Android 4.1.2). Several attempts reporting the crashes and not a single word from support team.


So this constant crash cycle just happened for me, I’m not in beta.

I am running latest iOS
Latest version of rts
Cleared my cache

Every time I reopen the game it crashes around the 2 minute mark


Crashing here too, ios non-beta.


Same… just started today.

My game also keeps crashing. Just started a few minutes ago.

Same thing here. I know this post is 26days old, but having a lot of crashing

I think I fixed mine…

Was bored so I changed my in game name from PHOENIX to PHØËNÏX for a little change, I was able to change it back to original normal spelling (after a couple restarts) and I’ve run through a couple stages of sr…

Worth a try if anyone is using anything other than standard keyboard spelling of name

Same. Game crashing every time I open it.

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This is what I mean, if anyone is using different alpha keys it may be the cause of crash…?

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No its not that…but thanks.

Wow it’s crashing every time I open survival road